School of @ctive Senior Citizens - S@S

S@S is a complex programme, carried out by the Polish-German Society in Kraków in partnership with the Voivodeship Public Library in Kraków, addressed to the group of senior citizens.

S@S aims at triggering activity of middle-aged and elderly people, creating conditions for integration and self-accomplishment through the acquisition of new skills, development of interests, exchange of expertise and experience, achievement of plans and ideas.

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Programme's coordinator: Dr. Lidia Maria Jedlińska

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. mobile: +48 791 91 91 08




TeachNET - learning and teaching with seniors and youth

(Grundtvig Partnership Project; implementation period: 2009 – 2011)

Target group:

The target group of the project is both senior citizens and young teachers. Seniors use improved teaching methods, whereas teachers can use the acquired experience to become more professional.


• developing a special educational offer for teachers (librarians) running classes with senior citizens. Original exercising methods and individual support during classes, adjusted to the participants of the target group, causes more effective mastering of knowledge by them.

• supporting young teachers in planning and running training as well as developing effective training methods being the result of cooperation between seniors and trainers.

Objectives are achieved through:

• arranging international meetings

• computer training for senior citizens

• holding the 4th International Computer Competition for Senior Citizens

• printing of a book titled “Małopolska in Our Memories and Photographs” (Kraków, 2011) edited by the participants of the "School of @ctive Senior Citizens"

• holding of the 2nd International Conference: “Senior Citizens in Modern European Society: New Technologies – Fashion or Necessity” (Kraków, 2011)

More information at: www.eseniors.eu and http://sites.google.com/site/teachnet4eu/



Grundtvig Partnership Project; implementation period: 2009 – 2011


The main goal of the "HEuRIT(AGE)” project is preserving individual memories, events and people's stories for posterity, as well as strengthening the European identity. Archiving of the collected materials is based on new technologies. Those activities are run in close cooperation with senior citizens.

The project assumption is the growth of seniors' activity and self-education, growth of their personal and social development, promotion of an inter-generation dialogue and the idea of continuous learning.

Furthermore, through the exchange of experience between project partners, methods of teaching elderly persons in the area of new technologies are improved and areas of educational activities carried out by the organisations and institutions taking part in the project are extended.

Some of the materials have been used in printing of the book: "Małopolska in Our Memories and Photographs” edited by the participants of the "School of @ctive Senior Citizens.”

Project website: www.heuritage.eu